Current Contract
2014-2018 Contract


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Summary of the ContractThe current contract provides for a number of changes from our first contract. All changes are summarized below.


Health Insurance – Full-time TAs and RAs will receive free single coverage year-round under either the CompSelect or the Keystone Mid-Level plan, a significant improvement over the previous limit of nine months of free single coverage under Keystone.  For those who want a higher level plan, they may select they Keystone High Option, which will cost roughly $30 / month.  For more information on health insurance, please see here.

Higher Wages – TAs and RAs  will receive a 3% cost-of-living adjustment this year and each succeeding year of the contract.

Bookstore Discount – TAs and RAs will receive a 15% discount at the Temple bookstore.

Workload and Grievances

Workload - Before, remedies for excessive workload were suggestions of things that administration “may” do. Now, the language specifies that administration “shall” compensate students in some fashion, or come to a solution mutually agreed upon by all parties  when TUGSA proves that an excessive workload has been assigned. Workload cases will go to the Director of Labor and Employee Relations and/or the Assistant V.P. of Human Resources Operations, rather than a nameless and unpredictable “University designee” whose decisions might be unintentionally influenced  by College or department politics.

Grievance Procedure – TUGSA will have the option to receive expedited arbitration.

Working Conditions

Office Space and Supplies – All TAs will receive a voicemail number and account, whether or not they have a phone in their office.    Deans will be required to participate in discussions between Labor and Employee Relations and TUGSA about office space needs.

Department/Program Files –  TUGSA and Temple will meet to discuss creating a policy regarding accessibility and use of department/program files.

Personnel Files – TAs and RAs will have the right to respond to items placed in their personnel files; they have the right to review their file at any time. Items placed in their folder will have to be time- and date-stamped, and the student will have to be notified before anything derogatory is placed in her file.

Affirmative Action – Temple will be required to give TUGSA the appendices to Affirmative Action policy, not just the policy itself, and TUGSA can make suggestions regarding additions or changes to Affirmative Action policies.


Other Employment – You no longer need university approval to get additional employment outside of Temple University that does not interfere with your duties at Temple University.

Child Care – Temple will have to meet with a committee of TAs and RAs to discuss child care policies.  If you are interested in assisting with this, please contact TUGSA’s staff organizer at

Employee Assistance Program – TAs and RAs will be eligible for the University’s Employee Assistance Program.

Health and Safety – Temple will have to meet regularly with TUGSA representatives to discuss these issues.

Unpaid Leave – TAs and RAs will be able to apply for unpaid leave for pregnancy or the urgent care of a child or domestic partner.

International TAs and RAs

Non-discrimination – “Nationality” has been added to the list of matters on which Temple will not discriminate.

Unpaid Leave – TAs and RAs will be able to apply for unpaid leave for immigration hearings.

Union Rights

Dues Check-off – TUGSA members who fall out of the unit and then are re-hired within an academic year will be automatically re-instated as TUGSA members.

Fair Share – TUGSA will gain a fair share fee from all graduate students in the bargaining unit when TUGSA membership reaches 70%.

New Technology – TUGSA will have to be informed of important changes to technology – for example, new computer  systems that affect health insurance enrollment.

Union Rights – TUGSA will receive electronic dues lists, allowing for a swifter check of who’s properly paying dues and who’s not; dues lists for summer sessions; leave for union business; a promise that Temple will try not to direct TUGSA emails to junk mail folders; and more bulletin boards.